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Private Label Content

Want high quality well-researched content but have a tight budget? Need to stock your site quickly with cheap content while you build your site's signature original content base?

WebmasterLabor.Com's Private Label Content (PLR Content) suite is designed for webmasters and site publishers who desire well-researched, tightly edited, high quality content at the cheapest rates possible. Our PLR rates start at less than HALF A PENNY per word! We are able to offer PLR Content are rock bottom prices because we resell the package a few times in order to offer webmasters the lowest rates.

Each PLR content package we sell will include the following rights included in the license:
You may edit and change the material
You may add your own name as the author
You may bundle this content with other products
You may use this content as general website content (web pages or blog posts)
You may NOT claim ownership of the copyright to this content
You may NOT transfer resale rights, private label rights or master resale rights for this content to others
You may NOT sell this material unbundled with other products. These other products must be items that we did not produce.

Since search engines penalize duplicate content, we strongly recommend PLR Content buyers to rewrite the PLR Content packages they buy from us. Contact us today if you'd like our writers to rewrite

your materials at a steeply discounted rate. Note: Since our PLR materials are previously written materials, they aren't covered by our custom content guarantee. However, should you order rewrite services for PLR materials, the rewrites are guaranteed.

Check back to see the listings of available PLR packages and their rates. We will also post updates on how many packages are available for sale based on the number of times we've sold the package. We will constantly add new PLR packages to replace packages that have sold out.

Available Packages:

Online Gaming PLR package 25,000 words $100 (Sold: 3 times)

A Quick Guide to Playing Online Poker
How to Play Blackjack Online: Tips and Tricks
All about Online Slot Machines
Playing Roulette Online: The Basics
Craps and Baccarat: Other Types of Online Games You Can Try
Glossary of Online Poker Terms
Becoming Familiar with Online Casino Jargon
Different Kinds of Casino Bonuses: What They Are and How to Compare Them
Online Blackjack Terminologies
Gambling Terms Unique to Online Casinos
Choosing the Best Online Poker Room: Things to Keep in Mind
How to Avoid Being Scammed when Gambling Online
How to Evaluate Online Casino Reviews (Hype versus Reality)
Choosing an Online Casino That Offers Different Kinds of Online Games
Top 10 Criteria in Choosing a Reputable Online Casino
Keeping Your Computer Safe While Gambling Online
Responsible Online Gambling
Online Gambling: Knowing When to Stop and When to Take Risks
Money Management Basics for People Who Are into Online Gambling
How to Successfully Transition from Traditional Gambling to Online Gambling
Best Strategies for Playing Poker Online
Online Blackjack for Beginners: Strategies You Should Know About
Learning from the Experts: What Strategies They Use for Different Poker Games Online
Making Wise Use of Poker Tools for Playing Paker Online
Odds and Probabilities in Card Games: Tips and Tricks to Make Them Work for You

Personal Finance: Debt Consolidation PLR Package 25,000 words $100 (Sold: 5 times)

How Debt Consolidation Works
When to Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan
Weighing the Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation
How Debt Consolidation Can Help You Manage Debts During Recession
Finding the Right Debt Consolidation Company
Signs that Your Debt Consolidation Company is a Fraud
Debt Consolidation As a Means to Settle Credit Card Debts
Budget Saving Tips for the Recently Unemployed
Pros and Cons of Investing in the Stock Market
How to Avoid Credit Card Debts from Piling Up
How to Fatten Up Your Savings Account Even When in Recession
Understanding your Retirement Plan
Recently Unemployed: Unemployment Assistance Programs Can Help You
Signs that Mean Your Personal Finance is in Trouble
Pros and Cons of Buying a Foreclosed Home
Finding the Right Auto Loan
Do Credit Repair Programs Really Work?
Do's and Don'ts When Repairing Bad Credit
What to Look For in a Credit Repair Program
Tips for Doing Credit Repair on Your Own
Understanding your Credit Report
Practical Tips to Increase Your Credit Score
Pros and Cons of Getting a Credit Card
Practical Tips to Increase your Kid's College Funds
Increase your Nest Egg through Mutual Funds

Forex / Forex Trading PLR Package 25,000 words $100 (Sold: 3 times)

The Basics of Forex Trading
Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners
Forex Trading Strategies for Professionals
Pros and Cons of Forex Trading
What Automated Forex Trading Systems Can Do for You
How Forex Trading Signals Work
Basic Skills You'll Need for Forex Trading
How Forex Trading Started
Risks You'll Face When Doing Forex Trading
Basic Forex Trading Terms and Concepts
Strategies When Doing Forex Trading in Bear Markets
Strategies When Doing Forex Trading in Bull Markets
Understanding Forex Trading Charts
Choosing the Best Forex Trading Broker
Getting to Know the Market Participants in the Forex Trading Arena
Understanding the Factors that Affect Forex Trading Rates
How Major Professional Speculators Affect Forex Trading
Tools for Online Forex Trading
Why Forex Trading is Still Profitable Even During a Recession
Illegal Forex Trading Strategies to Avoid
Tips to Keep You Updated on Forex Trading Trends
Forex Trading vs. Stock Market Investments
How Forex Trading Platforms Work
Tips Profitable Online Forex Trading
Tips on how to Make More Money trading Forex

Lawsuit Loans/Legal Financing PLR Package 25,000 words $100 (Sold: 1 time)

Understanding the Basics of Lawsuit Loans
Pros and Cons of Lawsuit Loans
Finding the Right Lawsuit Loan Lender
Applying for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan
Signs Your Lawsuit Loan Lender is a Fraud
Ethical Limitations of Your Lawyer in Terms of Lawsuit Loans
Factors to Consider When Applying for Lawsuit Loans
Lawsuit Loan for a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
Dealing with a Defective Product Liability Lawsuit through a Lawsuit Loan
Understanding No-risk Lawsuit Loans 1000 Maricel Cuerdo
Who Really Benefits from Workers Compensation Lawsuit Loans
Tips to Avoid Lawsuit Loan Sharks
Dangers of Dealing with Unlicensed Lawsuit Loan Companies
Get Appropriate Structured Settlements through Lawsuit Loans
The Process Behind Lawsuit Loans
How Lawsuit Loans Can Help you Deal with a Spinal Injury due to a Premises Liability Case
Dealing with Personal Injury Lawsuit through Lawsuit Loans
What to Do if Your Lawsuit Loan is Declined
Common Reasons Why Lawsuit Loans are Rejected
Understanding the Different Types of Lawsuit Loans
Paying for Fee Agreements through Lawsuit Loans
Debunking Myths about Lawsuit Loan Sharks
When to Apply for Commercial Lawsuit Loans
Dealing with An Intellectual Property Lawsuit through Lawsuit Loans
When to Apply for Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans

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